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JBR Walk – One of Dubai’s Top Tourist Attractions

Visit One of the Top Tourist Attractions in Dubai: The Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk.


Dubai is not a place that rolls over when the sun goes down. In many parts of the city it is a time when things are just getting started. One such area is the Jumeirah Beach Residence near the Dubai Marina, known as JBR to local residents, and the Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk is the place to be. This 1.7 km strip with its two levels, the ground level and the plaza level, was opened in 2008 as part of Dubai Properties huge project.


We arrived at 10:00 p.m. on an early April evening and it was full of life, and bustling with activity. The shops were busy and outdoor bistros were filled with people enjoying a late bite. The place was packed, but not in an uncomfortable way. There was plenty of space to move around. We strolled The Walk, taking in its sights and sounds which seemed to convey a distinctive European flare.


The JBR Walk, paved in cobblestone, is a place where young people gather and families have fun, and we definitely got to see the attraction. The road was filled with young drivers showing off their extravagant cars, plenty of Mercedes, a couple Ferrari’s, and a Bentley. We even saw a Hummer stretch-limo.



A Dubai Attraction for all the Family


We saw children playing in the water of several uniquely designed fountains that lined The Walk while their parents enjoyed a refreshing gelato. Security guards patrolled the area on horseback, but they seemed to be more of an attraction than anything else with people taking pictures and asking questions. This is not to say that they weren’t doing their jobs. Their presence was an added comfort, but with or without, the environment felt very relaxed and safe.


As one of the top Dubai tourist attractions, the Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk also hosts such activities as street painting, craft shows, photography displays, as well as recycled art shows and street shows. Nestled between the white sandy coastline and a strip of Dubai hotels, The Walk is conveniently located and easy to find. They are even bringing light rail into the district, which will make it even more accessible. Although, I must warn you, with the current construction of light rail, traffic in the area is a bit congested, especially on Thursday and Friday nights. So it’s best to enjoy a visit on the weekdays to minimize the traffic headache.


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5 Amazing Facts Of Dynamic Tower Dubai

5 Amazing Facts Of Dynamic Tower Dubai

Only in a few times in a lifetime does man come up with spectacular architecture that leaves the world speechless.  There were the great pyramids, the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower, and the Empire State Building. Then emerged the landmarks in Dubai – the Burj Al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah- brilliant architecture that awes the world and lures thousands of tourists every year to take a closer look at these modern day wonders. And more is yet to come from this flourishing economy of the UAE; buildings and architecture that has never been seen before in the history of mankind. Such is the appeal of the project known as Dynamic Tower of Dubai.

The Dynamic Tower, also known as Da Vinci Tower, and Rotating Tower, is a humongous construction plan that consists of an 80 storey building meant for both commercial and residential purposes. This magnificent building is proposed by architecture David Fisher and is to be constructed in Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. This landmark construction is on the top of discussion in the architecture arena for a number of reasons. Here are five amazing facts that makes the Dynamic Tower a truly one of a kind innovation in construction.


One of the most awe-inspiring aspects of this futuristic building is the fact that each of the proposed floors will rotate a full 360 degrees in 90 minutes – that is a 20 feet (or 6 meters) rotation per minute! This really means that home owners and inhabitants can wake up to one view of the sunrise against the magnificent horizon in Dubai and have dinner while watching the sunset on the other side.


Each floor will rotate independently, so that the building will be constantly changing its shape. A voice recognition system allows habitants to customize when ever and to however degrees the rotation should take place!  Quite a house that will be!


The Dynamic Tower of Dubai is the first prefabricated building in the world! The floor will be made of 12 modules, and each of them would be constructed separately, equipped with full air conditioning systems, plumbing and electrical systems. Bathroom, kitchen and all other fixtures will also be pre- installed within the modules. This means that about 90% of the skyscraper will be manufactured at a factory and then shipped and assembled in the construction site. This strategy will allow for faster construction of the building – taking about 22 months which is way shorter than a typical building of similar size, and will also require less labor to be engaged in the construction site. This is a truly an advanced use of technology in construction and manufacture.


The entire skyscraper will be powered by its own fuel from wind and solar power generators. The wind turbines will be located between two consecutive floors, while the solar panels will be placed on top of each floor and the roof. The wind turbines will be capable of producing 1,200,000 kilowatt hour of energy, and both the energy sources combined can generate enough surplus electricity to power several nearby structures! An intelligent building as such that can power itself is environmental friendly to a huge extent.  The building is thus sustainable, eco-friendly, and self-empowering. Literally!


The top five floors of the skyscraper will be reserved for exclusive villas. Thee villas will have their own parking space and the cars and vehicles will be transferred to the top with the help of special elevators. Now that’s what I call high-class living.

This is truly a one of a kind structure that will change the face of structural development. This project is estimated to cost around USD 330 million and is expected to be completed in 2010. This approach of creating landmarks which are sustainable and eco-friendly will create a new generation of futuristic architecture. Like the Burj Al Arab, this structure will also attract thousands of tourists who admire moving works of art and architecture.

And thankfully enough, it will also be used a hotel, besides being used for living and commercial purposes. Thus enthusiasts have the option of being able to spend a night on the most amazing structure with a rotational experience that will turn their life around!

3 Full Day Tours In Dubai

People love visiting Dubai, and for good reasons. The city has a lot to offer to its tourists in order to keep them busy throughout their visit. In addition, visitors will remember forever about the great experience that they have had in this megacity.

For instance, the city offers some of the best known hotels where people can relax during the night. Such hotels include Orient House, Qamardeen and Al Manzil – all of which offer a soothing Arabian atmosphere and are located within walking distance from Burj Dubai, which is the tallest tower in the whole world.

In the morning, people can enjoy a breakfast full of Arabian dishes at SMCCU (Sheikh Mohammad Centre for Cultural Understanding). People can also know more about the Emirati culture from here.

Nothing is more relaxing than taking a stroll in the Bastakiya area. Stylish wind-tower houses, which were originally owned by rich Persian tradesmen, can be found in this area. In addition, there is the Majlis Gallery and the XVA gallery. The former is famous for souvenirs while the latter offers modern Middle Eastern art. After visiting those galleries, people can enjoy lunch, accompanied by fruit tails, in the Basta Art Café.

Visitors must not forget visiting the Dubai Museum, which is located in an extremely old fort. The museum bears testimony to the fact that Dubai has grown into a megacity from a fishing village. After visiting the museum, people can go to the Bur Dubai. a market that offers sparkling items – such as textiles, slippers and t-shirts; all of these items are of excellent quality and are offered at a very low price. The Bur Duabi is also home to Hindi Lane, a spot where the Hindu residents of Dubai come for performing their rituals as well as for buying essential items, such as fruits and flowers that are needed for carrying out the rituals properly.

A trip to Dubai is incomplete if one does not take an abra ride; this abra is a type of water taxi that traverses from the Creek to Deira, which lies in the other part of the megacity. The ride is extremely cheap, costing a only 33 cents. And while using this type of transport, visitors are surely going to come across the true local residents of Dubai – let it be traders of South East Asian origin or people wearing dishdashas, which is a traditional clothing garment that is strikingly white in color. Moreover, by travelling by the abra, people can avoid the exasperating traffic jams that make travelling through the tunnel and bridge extremely slow.

The abra takes people to the terra firm, where people can mesmerize themselves with the view of dhows, which are local cargo boats that are completely made of wood. These boas carry cargo destined for several regions, such as other Asian and Gulf countries.

The Ahmadiya School is located just a few blocks away. Established in the year of 1912, the school carries the title of being the first non-public school in the city. Next to the school is the Heritage House, which was established much earlier – in the year of 1890, to be more precise. A rich merchant of pearls was the owner of the house at that time. Both of these antique houses feature the classic designs that were present in literally all the houses of Dubai in the early 18th century.

People, who are ready for shopping, can easily take a taxi to go to Deira City Centre, which is one of the most visited shopping malls of the city. The mall is great for buying souvenirs – such as coffee pots made of brass, carpets and Aladdin’s lamps.

Alternatively, people can visit the elegantly designed Jumeirah Mosque, where they can explore the rituals that guide the prayers of Muslim people. The Madinat Jumeirah is not very far from the mosque and is a modern alternative to Arabian souq. Finally, people can finish their visit at Dubai – in a great style – by going for a safari in the desert of Dubai. The safari holds much more offers for the visitors – such as camel rides, belly dance performances, henna tattoo, local cuisines and sheesha smoking. Without the safari, people will never get the opportunity to experience the Arabian Dubai.

Honeymoon Ideas in Dubai

Honeymoon Ideas in Dubai


Choosing a good honeymoon destination often takes up as much time as determining the wedding date.  It is a time when a newly wed couple lovingly embraces the beginning of their married life. The moments spent are intimate and profound. To complement the magnitude of the occasion, the honeymoon destinations are chosen with scrupulous care. It can be it a glitzy cosmopolitan city like New York or London, the beautiful beaches of Mauritius or the Carribean, or the white mountains of the Alps in Switzerland. Or, it can be the stunning desert city of Dubai—the hottest tourist destination in the world at the moment. The city is made for vacationers all over the world and honeymooners make a nice percentage out of the total market pie of tourists. There are plenty to do for the newly weds in this dazzling city. Dubai can be count upon for making a memorable honeymoon.

The best time for vacation in Dubai is from October to April. The period of time between November and February is a perfect time for honeymooning in Dubai. Between May and September it’s very hot weather, so those times should be skipped.

Desert safari is an adventurous way to kick off the honey moon week. A four wheeler would give a ride through the sand dunes for a quick trip. A more authentic way would be to surf the desert upon the hump of a camel. Couples can choose between a day trip and an overnight stay. Camp dinner at night with exclusive Arabian dishes and traditional belly dancing could be something to look forward to.

Hot Air balloon rides would enable couples to experience the desert from up high. Less adventurous ones can choose a helicopter ride to take in the sea of desert and the highlights of the city.

If the hot desert is not deemed agreeable, the indoor skiing ramps in the massive Mall of Dubai are just the places to be. There are five skiing slopes, each for different difficulty level. Ski equipment can be found nearby in shops.

Couples can spend cozy moments in the sophisticated wine bars and refined clubs at night. The nightlife of Dubai is not loud and riotous but calm and classic. Couples can also hang around local cafes and restaurants that remain open during the night.

The local culinary delights can add more sweetness and spice in the lives of the honeymooners. Local delicacies include shwarma—grilled meat inside bread with salad dressing. There are also ethnic dishes like houmous, falafel and tabbouleh. Numerous other international cuisine such as French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Pakistani, Lebanese and Iranian cuisines can be found in high-end hotel restaurants.

There are multiple beaches in Dubai –the most famous of which is the Jumeirah Beach—where couples can absorb the beauty of the serene Gulf Sea holding hands under the beach umbrella. The more adventurous ones can head straight for the waters to enjoy surfing. Those who prefer more calm and controlled waters can visit the Wild Wadi—a huge water park complete with twenty three rides.

The shopping malls in Dubai are some of the grandest to anyone’s eyes and perfect for picking out gifts for the better half. Traditional Arabian spice markets are worth seeing as well. And who can forget the dazzling gold sauks? The gold jewelry there is simply breathtaking.

Dubai trip is incomplete without visiting famous landmarks as the likes of Jumeirah Mosque, the Bastakiya area, the 200 year old Al Fahidi Fort, the Palm Deira, the Burj Dubai, the Nad Al Shaba racetrack and the Burj Al Arab. Taking a luxurious dinner cruise on the famous Dubai Creek is also an attractive option.

Top 9 Tours of Dubai Sightseeing and Adventure

Top 9 Tours of Dubai  Sightseeing and Adventure

For those adventurous tourists who love to explore foreign places during their holidays, Dubai is the place to visit. Known as one of the most popular and luxurious tourist spots, Dubai has long since been regarded venerably as an exquisite amusement hub for people of all ages and culture. Tradition, urban luxury, natural sightseeing – all these versatile offerings are conveniently balanced on a silver platter for tourists. Some of its offerings have been outlined below for your convenience.

1. Trip to Sharjah:

It would be a loss not to attempt a trip to what is known as the ‘pearl of the gulf’. Sharjah is magnificent in its heritage, with beautiful mosques and other architectural delights. There is the King of Faisal Mosque, the Fort of Sharjah, the Heritage museum and fabulous souks filled with jewelry, carpets and handicrafts that would serve very well as souvenirs. The trip would take around four and a half hours and it would cost a minimum of $27.55 per person.

2. East Coast, Dubai:

This would bring one close to the lush fruit plantations and vegetable fields while driving on the coast of the Indian Ocean. The tour would regale one with sights of the local fishing villages, the beautiful Hajar Mountains, the ancient mosque of Al Badiyah, the fort at Fujairah, and the old fortress at Bithnah. It would be a nine-hour tour costing around $45 per person.

3. Desert Safari, Dubai:

The endless sea of red sand and the majestic camel rides would account to be the wildest of adventure. The trip would start in the afternoon amid photo-stops, a beautiful desert sunset, and would end in a barbecue dinner, followed by shisha. The five-hour tour would cost around $65 per person.

4. Private tour of the Golden city:

The famous seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab is the tour’s starting point, followed by a trip to Jumeirah Mosque, Al Bastakiya, located in the old portion of Dubai. The tour concludes at the museum in the fort of Al Fahidi. The water taxi called Abra would lead to the famous Gold Souk. The trip lasts about four and a half hours, costing around $48 per person.

5. Trip to Abudhabi:

One would be mesmerized by the sight of the largest man-made port ever. Among places worth seeing, there is the Women’s handicraft center, the Petroleum exhibition, the beautiful roads, lush greenery with parks and trees that warm one’s eyes. It will be a nine-hour day tour, costing each tourist $76.

6. Dubai big bus tour:

This is a full twenty-four-hour sightseeing tour, which includes seeing the Burj-Al Arab hotel, gold souks and spice souks, all from the top of the bus! One can also enjoy walking tours and beach tours. It can be availed for $37 a head.

7. Private safari (mountain fascination):

The eight-hour excursion starts with a drive on a four-wheeler through the oasis and crossing to the picturesque Hajar Mountains and on to the rough Musandam Peninsula – with its deep canyons and adventurous cliffs of astounding heights. It costs $93 per person.

8. Hatta Safari-Mountain springs:

This eight-hour tour to the spectacular Hatta Heritage village is executed on a four-wheel-drive burning through the sand dunes of the desert. A price of $86 per person needs to be paid for this excursion.

9. Al Ain, the Garden city of Dubai:

This nine-hour tour would take one to the red desert, the biggest camel market in the Emirates, and the archaeological sites from 3,000 BC – all this for only $45 per head.

The city planners have successfully identified the fact that the tourists coming from all over the globe has different personalities – and thus different tastes and choices – when it comes to sightseeing in a foreign country. The tourism authorities of Dubai have kept the best interests of travelers at heart when designing the tours, keeping them wholly satisfied while making sure that the revenue streams never stop flowing.

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