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A Remarkable Stay at a Dubai Villa on the Palm Jumeirah

I had the unique pleasure of staying at a 4 bedroom Dubai Villa on the Palm Jumeirah, and what an experience it was.  We arrived at the villa mid-morning, and settled into its 500 m² of spaciousness. I was impressed by the marble floors, countertops, and modern décor, offering a relaxing atmosphere that conveys the “you are on holiday” message.


The kids immediately made their way to the private swimming pool on the side yard, as I pulled up a recliner and reposed with a good book in hand. The villa had a large selection of pool toys and a built-in slide that keep the children entertained all afternoon as I soaked in the warm rays of sunshine.


It doesn’t get any Better than a Beachfront Dubai Villa!


Later that evening, we took a sunset stroll along the beach, which was just a few steps down from our backyard. This Dubai Villa was beachfront. How does it get any better than that?


The next day, the hubby decided to try his hand at fishing. With his new fishing pole in hand, he headed down to the edge of the water and planted his rod in the sand. Several hours passed with no bites, and we began to wonder if there were any fish swimming within the waterways of the fronds. He left the pole, and headed to the house for a cold beer.


In the meantime, the kids pulled out the kayak, and paddled their way around while I exercised my lungs blowing up the raft then casted off for my own paddling pleasure. I closed my eyes and thought to myself, “This is paradise.”


But that thought was interrupted by the screeches of my husband. I abruptly sat up in the raft, and nearly fell into the water as my eye caught him running down the steps from the villa on to the beach. He was chasing after his new pole, which seemed to have a life of its own. A large fish had finally taken the bait, and pulled his rod out from sand. I must admit, I did find it quite humorous to watch him scurrying down the beach trying to catch it, to no avail. (I wish I had had my video camera to capture the moment.) And, so ended his dreams of becoming a fisherman.



The Perfect End to a Fantastic Experience


Our trip ended on a high note, with our villa ideally positioned across from the Atlantis – The Palm, we were able to catch its Grand Opening Ceremony. We watched on as the hotel lit up in an incredible light show with 3D holograms that appeared to come to life, and the sounds of Australian singer, Kylie Minogue singing “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” in the background. But nothing compared to being in the center of the world’s largest fireworks display.


to learn more about that amazing evening from the backyard of our own private villa.


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What to Do in Dubai On A Budget

What to Do in Dubai if You’re On a Budget, Try a Dubai Park or Beach


Looking for what to do in Dubai that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Why not consider spending a day at a  Dubai parks or beaches? The city certainly delivers when it comes to family beaches and parks. These clean, well-kept parks provide an abundance of activities for the family to appreciate, and all for an affordable price (some are even free).


Check Out This Great List of Attractions


JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) has a public beach that provides a fun-filled day of relaxing in the sun for free. If you can’t sit still for very long, there are a number of boutique shops and bistros across the way.


Jumeirah Beach and Park is another nice Dubai beach for the family to enjoy, and great for a family BBQ.  The beach is known for its well-maintained landscaping and facilities. Entrance to the park is 5 Dhs. (Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for an extra fee).


Al Mamzar Park – At a cost of 7 Dhs./person or 30 Dhs./car,  this Dubai park imparts nice clean beaches, several playgrounds, and three lagoons for swimming. In addition, there is a bicycle rental, shower and changing room facilities, and a small pool area for nominal fees.


Safa Park – If you are looking for a great place to run, Safa Park is it. Just one lap of the park is over 3K. Besides running there are plenty of other things to do in this beautifully landscaped park with its marvelous waterfall, including a train that children can ride. There are also two lakes where you can enjoy feeding the ducks.


Creekside Park - Inside the rolling hills of Creekside Park is an amphitheatre, picnic areas with BBQ grills, and children’s playgrounds along with some of the best views of of Dubai Creek and the city. Entrance is only 5 Dhs. The park also presents a variety of other attractions such as bicycle rental, a cable car ride, and camel and horse riding, all for an additional fee. Although you may feel that these are not worth the additional charges, we do suggest spending a bit extra to visit Children’s City. At 40 Dhs./family of four, children will enjoy their interactive science museum and planetarium.  You may also want to splurge on their Dubai Dolphinarium where the family can interact and be entertained by their dolphins, seals, and other marine life for just 100 Dhs./adult, 50 Dhs./ child.


So take in a Dubai park or beach for a day of cheap family fun. There are plenty to choose from, and all of them are worth the visit.


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8 Wonders of Dubai

Dubai is probably one of the most glamorous cities which have defined luxury in its own terms. The magnificent urban landscape with its immaculate skyscrapers and beautiful well-built roads, the architectural delights in its mosques, the red sea of sand in its deserts and the posh luxury of its grandiose hotels –all add to the versatility and extravagance of the dazzling cosmopolitan. But nothing has grasped the attention of tourists all over the world more than the engineering exquisiteness in its brick-and-mortar structures that fills one’s eyes with awe and admiration. The sheer architectural magnificence of these giant structures with its posh services and entertainment bonanza in its interior catches the breath of the gravest and most unbending of persons. Here is a list of top eight such breathtaking architectural masterpieces.

1. Burj Al Arab:

Known as the ‘Tower of Arabs’ in Arabic, this grandiose structure is the world’s most luxurious hotel in the world, with the tag of a ‘seven star’ under its belt. Its architectural magnificence is magnified tenfold at night, when it is a vibrant display of color sculptures overlooking the sea.

2. Hydropolis:

Known as the first underwater resort, its structure is made of concrete and solid steel to give rise to dome-shaped bubble ceiling. Its Plexiglass walls ensure that the guests have a full view of the aquatic life under the sea, as the luxury resort is situated well below Persian Guls at the depth of 66feet.

3. Burj Khalifa:

Known as the tallest building in the world, it has a wonderful design depicting a desert flower of six petals. It is part of a development project called ‘Downtown Dubai’ covering two square kilometer of landscape. The cost of making this building is around 4.1 billion dollars.

4. Ski Dubai:

This artificial mountain-themed snow haven has been created against the backdrop of a hot tropical desert city. Probably it was built keeping in mind the Americans and the Europeans, most of whom enjoy dry cold and wet climates. One can enjoy skiing, tobogganing, snow boarding, ice skating or simply fiddling in the snow 365 days a year.

5. Palm islands:

These are three man-made palm-shaped islands named The Palm Jumeirah, The Palm Jebel Ali and The Palm Deira. The three islands combined would consist of 100 luxury hotels, marinas, water theme parks, exclusive beach side bungalows and apartments, restaurants, health spas, shopping malls and sports club.

6. Dubailand:

The world’s biggest amusement park features an expanse of six different theme worlds. They are: Attractions & Experience World consisting of Universal Studios Dubai, Global Village, Kids City, water parks and Dubai Snowdome; Retail and Entertainment World featuring World Trade Park, , Auction World and Factory Outlets; Sports and Outdoor world featuring Dubai Sports City, Dubai Golf city and Plantation Equestrian and Polo Club; Themed Leisure and Vacation World featuring Women’s World, Destination Dubai, Andalusian Resort and Spa and Desert Kingdom; Eco-Tourism World featuring Al Sahra Desert Resort, Sand Dune Hotel and Al Kaheel; and finally, Downtown with its magnificent Mall of Arabia, City Walk, The Great Dubai Wheel and Virtual Game World.

7. Dubai mall:

Claiming to be the world’s largest mall, its chief attractions are the huge gold souk, Fashion Island; one of the biggest aquariums in the world; a mammoth ice skating rink; Oasis Fountain Waterfall and WaterFront Atrium.

8. Dubai Sports city:

This would be the all-purpose sport haven equipped with state-of-the-art stadiums, sport academies and other commercial projects. It could be the destination of world class sporting events and tournaments.

These spectacular engineering perfections are what makes Dubai truly an amazing tourist destination. Its extravagance and lavishness is unrivalled yet, and it would be a long time before it is challenged.

Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Dubai

Dubai, being one of the most attractive and busy tourist destinations in the world, hosts millions of tourists each year in the multiethnic cross-cultural city. However, the success has not come overnight. It has taken a lot of effort on Dubai’s part to ensure that it become the premier tourist spot in the world. Multi-billion dollar projects have been undertaken to transform and evolve the urban posture of Dubai, with each accomplishments taking years of completion time.

Their design has been scrupulous, the technical details foolproof and the construction rigorous. These mammoth projects have given rise to iconic state-of-the-art structures that have made people breathless in wonder. The sheer size of the impeccable structures has made people gaze in awe. Projects like the Palm Islands, Burj khalifa, Burj Al Arab and DubaiLand are just few examples of the exquisite urban architectural displays that Dubai is presenting the world in a periodic basis. Here are the top ten tallest buildings that have made the headlines courtesy their sheer heights and made Dubai renowned in the world.

1. Burj khalifa:

This mammoth structure is the tallest building in the world at an unbelieving height of 828 meters. It has a wonderful design depicting a desert flower of six petals. It is part of a development project called ‘Downtown Dubai’ covering two square kilometer of landscape. The cost of making this building is around 4.1 billion dollars.

2. Ocean Heights:

This tall structure is a residential building with twisted unique curves being one of their eyecatching features. The tower is 310meters tall having 84 floors.

3. 77-storey twin towers Emirates Park Towers Hotel & Spa:

The twin towers stand in unison at a height of 395 meters will be one of the top Dubai Hotels. The towers would consist of a hotel with over 1500 rooms fully equipped with sky terraces, restaurants and cafes, business centers, conference rooms, rooftop bars, banquet halls, gymnasium and swimming pools. The towers would also house a spa and health center covering as much as 3700 square meter.

4. 68-storey Almas Tower:

This tower has a height of 363 meters. This supertall skyscraper houses offices for a number of business entities and service centers for the precious gems industry like diamonds and pearls. For this, the tower has a high security system.

5. Emirates Office Tower:

This tower stands at a height of 355 meters. This is a office building of 54 floors. It is connected with the Jumeirah Emirates Tower Hotel, both of which are jointly known as the Emirates Tower Complex.

6. Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel:

This stands at 309 meter which is connected with the Emirates Office Tower. The luxury hotel has 56 floors within which rest as much as 40 luxury suites.

7. Rose Tower:

Standing at a height of 333meters, this tower is an exclusive alcohol-free hotel with its own collection of suites, penthouses and a 24 hour cafe. 180 million dollars were invested for the construction of this tower.

8. HHHR Tower:

This stands at 327 meters. This is a residential building of 72 floors which is also sparingly used for commercial purposes. This building is the tallest residential building in Dubai and also the world’s second tallest.

9. Burj Al Arab:

Standing at a height of 321 meters, this gigantic structure is the world’s most luxurious hotel in the world. It is also world’s first seven star hotel. Its architectural elegance is magnified at night amid vibrant displays of color in an aquatic ambience.

10. Al Yaqoub Tower:

This tower stands at a height of 330 meters. Interestingly, this is a clock tower. It is also a residential and office building. Like the HHHR Tower, this also consist of 72 floors.

Adventures of Dubai Autodrome

dubai autodrome

Holidaymakers visiting Dubai can hope to avail its luxurious hospitality and a bite from its duty free markets. But, there is more for grabs apart from

the city’s leisure outlets, and it is the thrill of adventure that you should be knowing about. Dubai Autodrome is one such place one should look forward to spending plenty of time at while visiting this city.

The autodrome is  an F.I.A. sanctioned, world class motorsports circuit, measuring 5.39 km of tracks in length. The place has been home to some top level racing events in the recent times, these include the final round of the 2004 Formula Renault V6 Eurocup season, the December 2005 A1 Grand Prix and the FIA GT Championship from 2004 to 2006.

Dubai Autodrome was conceived and started in 2004 to help develop the UAE’s national motorsports at various levels. Not only the professional race drivers, marshals and race officials, volunteers and support staff, but also friends, family and fans of those taking part in competitive events can ask for membership at the Dubai Autodrome Motorsport Club (DAMC), a body managing competitive and non-competitive events at this circuit.

Following are some key Dubai Autodrome events that one should watch out for:

1- The UAE Touring Car Championship over eight days, which allows the participation of a wide range of automobiles, thus providing a great fillip for the battle of supremacy in each class.

2- The UAE Sportbike Championship in two classes, one combined for 1000cc stock and 600cc Superstock machines and the other for 600cc stock motorcycles.

3- The Gulf Radical Cup Series, which has grown popular in the whole of Middle East. The event is overseen by GulfSport Racing, an exclusive distributor of the British made Radical Sportscar.

4- The DAMC Red Line Challenge for all standard road cars. Obviously this draws the maximum participation in each event. There are two segments of this Challenge, one for furnishing driving skills, and the other for speed

5 - The DAMC Sprint Challenge, a bridge between the Red Line Challenge and the National Race Series, is held during each summer for cars and motorcycles under a floodlit circuit.

6- A separate section for karting is also available at this circuit. Kartdrome, as it is widely known, is an indoor and outdoor arena for karting for adults of over 13 and the kids of 7-12 years.

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