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Experience Life as a Local by Doing These 6 Things

>Experience Life as a Local by Doing These 6 Things

Dubai features a myriad of world-renown attractions. Many are touristy, and as such are quite pricey. Here we would like to share with you some of the things that the locals like to do, most of these cost little or next to nothing, allowing you to save up for the splurge on a romantic Dhow Dinner Cruise:
Take an Abra across Dubai Creek – Take a small wooden boat across Dubai Creek from the Old Souk to the Spice Souk for a unique experience you’ll appreciate. The cost 1 AED ($0.30 USD)

Shop, Shop, Shop – The locals love to shop! (You would too if you needed to keep yourself out of the 45° C summer heat.) That is why Dubai has so many malls. The Dubai Mall is the largest in the world, and features Dubai’s #1 attraction, the Dubai Fountain. Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Centre, Festival City Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai Marina Mall, and JBR’s “The Walk” are some of Dubai’s other popular malls
Titillate Your Senses with Sights and Smells of the Dubai Gold and Spice Souks – Head down to the Dubai Gold and Spices Souks on the opposite banks of the Dubai Creek. It is said that over 20% of the world’s gold passes through the Gold Souk and the Spice Souk features some of the cheapest Saffron in the world.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Enjoy a Day of Family Fun at Jumeirah Beach Park – This public beach is popular amongst the locals because of its pristine white sand and family BBQ areas. Entrance fee is 5 AED ($1.40 USD), and you can rent an umbrella for the same, and a sunbed for 15 AED ($4.10 USD)
Experience an Evening of People Watching at the JBR’s “The Walk” – “The Walk” is a fun place to be for an evening of people watching with its Euro-style outdoor cafes where you can dine “al fresco”. Many of the locals like to drive down the strip to show off their wheels.

Delight in a Dhow Dinner Cruise on Dubai Creek or New Dubai – Experience a romantic dinner on a “Dhow”, a traditional Arabian sailing ship on the Dubai Creek or around New Dubai, as you take in the salty breezes blowing past. This type of excursion is best done between the months of October – May. Also, a word of caution, there are many poorly done Dhow Dinner Cruises offered so you must beware. We have received good feedback on the ones listed below:

Dubai Creek:

Sultan Sea Cruise – One of the largest Dhow ships, this cruise starts the evening with Arabic coffee and dates then moves on to an elegant buffet and tanoura dancing. Dhs220 (adults), Dhs120 (kids)

Sun & Sky Floating Restaurant – Known for its red canopy, this dhow dinner cruise hosts a buffet, magic show, DJ, and henna painting. Dhs120 per person

Rustar Floating Restaurant – Rustar claims to be the largest Dhow restaurant, greeting you with a red carpet and a rock waterfall onboard. Dhs295 (adults), Dhs200 (children)

New Dubai:
Aisha Floating Restaurant – This one takes you through the Dubai Marina and around Palm Jumeirah. It features a buffet and a professional belly dancer. Dhs170 per person

Universal- Cruising through Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah, known as “New Dubai” this Dhow offers a buffet and a unique tanoura show. Dhs140 per person

Tour Dubai – Enjoy a two-hour dinner cruise around the Marina and Palm Jumeirah on the Sheikha or Tour Dubai III topped off with a professional belly dancer. Dhs250 per person

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Ramadan in Dubai The Dos and Donts

Ramadan in Dubai The Dos and Donts

Ramadan is a special time of year in Dubai and other Islamic countries. It’s a time of fasting, prayer, reflection, and introspection. Lasting for one month, fasting is required for all Muslims (health permitting) to follow. From sunrise to sunset, Muslims must refrain from eating, drinking liquids of any type, smoking, chewing gum, swearing, or engaging in sexual relations. An increase in spiritual devotion and prayer during this time is expected.

Non-Muslims living or visiting Dubai are not required to partake in Ramadan, but they are expected to observe and respect this time by refraining from certain activities in public. Here a list of Ramadan in Dubai The Dos and Donts to help you:

DON’T eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum in public during the daylight hours, from sunrise to sunset. Doing so is considered highly offensive. Even if you’ve been out jogging or exercising, and you think no one is looking. Do not sneak. Wait until you are in private before doing so. If caught, it could result in a warning or fine from the police, or worse yet, a visit to jail.
DO feel free to eat or drink behind the doors of your private home or hotel room. You can engage in such activities privately, so as not to offend.  You are allowed to eat and drink in public after the sun has set. Please note, the majority restaurants are closed in the afternoon hours during this holy season, but most major hotels will keep one restaurant open to accommodate its non-Muslim guests. Usually these restaurants are privately contained so that they are not seen by bystanders. However, restaurants that serve alcohol will not do so until after nightfall.

DON’T play loud music at any time, even after sunset. This includes loud music in your car, on the beach, or in your hotel room or home. If it is audible to the outside, it could be considered objectionable.

DO feel free to play music in your car, home, or hotel at a very low volume. Or, better yet, feel free to listen to your favorite songs on your iPod. As long as they are inaudible to others, you’re fine.

DON’t sing or dance at any time, even after nightfall. And, don’t expect to go out clubbing during this holy month. Most nightclubs are closed.

DO feel free to go out and enjoy a more mellow evening with a cocktail at one of the many bars or pubs open in the evenings during Ramadan.  Although you may not be rocking out, most likely you can enjoy some soft background music while you spend time conversing with friends. Or consider having some fun by challenging yourself with one of the many pub quizzes taking place at various bars around town.

DON’t swear, act vulgar, or dress in tight or revealing clothing. This is not acceptable anytime, but is considered even more disdainful during Ramadan.

DO consider getting into the holiday spirit by attending an iftar (meals served after sundown to break the fast) at the local mosques or in the iftar and suhour  (pre-fast) tents in many of the major hotels. They are open to everyone, and many are free.

DON’T badger your Muslim friends with constant questions on how they are doing with their fasting. Ramadan is often a private religious experience, and one that many do not wish to share. Besides, the questions will only serve as reminders, and may make them hungrier.

DO feel free to ask after nightfall  how they’re doing, but be respectful. Better yet, take the time out to learn more about this religious holiday by asking your Muslim friends to share their insights. Get into the spirit even more through charitable acts such as offering a less-fortunate person some water. (But only do so at sunset, otherwise you will likely offend them.)

We hope that this list of do’s and don’ts have been helpful. But most of all, remember Ramadan is a time for self-reflection, kindness and generosity, so embrace the experience and enjoy your evenings, most places are open well past midnight. Ramadan Kareem!

Dubai Leads the Way, And Not Just With Luxury Dubai Hotels

In an initiative to create a mobile government within the next two years, Dubai eGovernment has developed a mobile application, known as mDubai. The new mobile application, with its ePay gateway, will allow both individual and corporations to pay for over 250 government services online through credit cards and debit cards from 5 participating banks throughout the UAE.


The mobile application will serve as a one-stop shop for government transactions. The UAE has one of the highest number of mobile application users per capita in the world. With a population of approximately 5 million people, the UAE has more than 8 million mobiles. That’s 1.6 phones per person, surpassing both the US and Great Britian. And it is estimated that 90% of those mobile devices are smartphones. With statistics such as these, a move to mobile services will be extremely beneficial.


By providing these government services through electronic channels, Dubai is aiming to ease the lives of people and businesses that interact with them. The ePay system will save time and money, as well as avoiding the inconvenience of having to physically visit a department or bank.


At present, many of the government facilities have been overwhelmed by the queues of customers needing their services. Several years ago, when the government instituted a requirement that all residents must carry an identification card, it became a logistical nightmare. On several occasions, the government had to postpone its deadlines because they could not handle the magnitude of people within the allotted timeframe. In the end, it took nearly two years for the process to be completed.


If the technology had been in place at the time, this process could have been implemented quicker and more efficiently, making it much easier for both parties.


Awards for Innovation


Dubai eGovernment, after receiving two awards for their innovation, showcased its new application and payment gateway at the Mobile Show 2013 in a presentation entitled “Together to ease your life – improving the lives of people and businesses in Dubai through mobile.”


Upon accepting the awards on Dubai eGovernment’s behalf, Sumaia Bin Hammad, director of Communication and Business Development (CBD) was quoted as saying, “At Dubai eGovernment, we seek to offer innovative methods to make it easy for our customers to complete their transactions either online or through their mobile devices, in line with our ‘Customer First’ strategy.”


In addition to its use with the mobile application, the ePay system will also integrate with other methods of online payment, such as PCs and kiosks.


So watch out. Soon waiting in queues for government services will be thing of the past, and with a touch of a button, the accessibility will be 24/7, 365 days of the year.


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Newest of Dubai Attractions –Dubai Safari: The Green Zoo

The 200 animal species of the Dubai Zoo have won the lottery, with the city’s announcement that they have completed the first phase of the newest project on its list of Dubai attractions. Groundbreaking began in September 2012 for Dubai Safari, a 150 million AED ($41 million USD) park project, set to replace the old, antiquated facilities of the Dubai Zoo, which has been under major scrutiny for years by animal activists.



For these animals, the move will be like trading their Motel 6-like quarters for the 7-star luxury of the Burj Al Arab. Instead of the cramped 1.5 hectacres of the current zoo, these animal and many more will have the freedom to roam areas of its vast 29 hectacres of greenery filled with wadis (Arabic for rivers) and a waterfall. This new Dubai zoo will feature more than 1,000 birds and animals.



The project, located on an old landfill in Al Warqa near the Dragon Mart, is targeted for completion at the end of 2014. The initial excavation was a lengthy process due the amount of clean up required, and the enterprise required a carefully crafted plan to offset the effect of Dubai’s desert climate.



The conceptual design of the new Dubai zoo is similar to those in Thailand and Singapore, but on a much grander scale. The attraction will span 400 hectacres, consisting of a safari-like zoo, butterfly park, botanical garden, in addition to a golf course and resort accommodations for its guests. It will also house an educational centre, and state-of-the-art veterinary facilities.


In the coming weeks, work will commence on the park’s infrastructure as well as the design implementation of its water features. Environmentalists will be thrilled to know that the Dubai Safari is a green project.


The city has taken steps to ensure that energy-efficiency is a number one priority, with a plan that incorporates various highly-advanced methods, such as recycling, solar power, water recycling, and waste disposal. Trams, monorails, and other forms of transportation to get visitors around the park will run on solar energy.


The Zoo will have 4 Varied and Exciting Sections


The design of the zoo will consist of 4 different sections; Asian, African, Arabian Villages, and an open safari, the architecture and landscaping will reflect the natural habitats of the animals it houses.


Special care will be taken to establish a controlled environment for the species that require it. The construction will include large structures equipped with water-cooled greenhouse technology, mud pathways, and dense vegetation, all meant to reduce temperatures, and create a comfortable environment for both the animals and their guests.


This project is just one more in a long list of Dubai attractions. As a green project, it will serve on many levels. Not only will it benefit the animals of their current overcrowded zoo, but it will also provide a high-tech, energy-efficient educational forum for guests to learn more about the amazing creatures that inhabit our earth. We look forward to 2015.

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Why Dubai Summer Surprises 2013 is Attracting Millions of Tourists

The 16th Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) is underway. And with unparalleled bargain, fun family entertainment, and prizes and vouchers worth over 5 million AED, this month-long festival is attracting millions of visitors to this dazzling desert city.


Lots of things to do at the Dubai Summer Surprises Festival


As part of the city’s three-month extravaganza, “Summer in Dubai”, Dubai Summer Surprises offers a myriad of events to help beat the heat. The list includes the following:


*  Modesh World (The largest indoor edutainment park in the Gulf Region)
*  Kids Fashion Week
*  Theatre Performances
*  Concerts
*  Children’s Activities, and
*  Mall Shows, and
*  Prizes, Prizes, and More Prizes


Last year Dubai Summer Surprises attracted 4.36 million and added over 12.3 million in revenue to the city’s economy. With malls around city participating, here’s a sample of what you can expect for 2013:


Dubai Mall:


*  A visit from everyone’s favourite blue friends, the Smurfs in “A Very Smurfy Festival” from 25 – 30 June.
*  The Dancing Toys Show and performances from musicians of the Brooklyn Melodies Music Centre.
*  A chance to win an opulent Bentley Continental GT V8.


Dubai Festival City Mall:


*  Daily craft workshops in the Festival Square.
*  Roaming artists and dancing troupes to entertain visitors throughout the mall.
*  Two stage shows “Peter in Wonderland” and “Jungle Story”.
*  A Modhesh Party with a visit from Dubai’s lovable mascot himself.
*  Feature fashion shows during Kids Fashion Week (30 June – 6 July) showing off the best in kids fashion from some of the top brands from around the globe.
*  Weekly giveaways and the grand prize, a new 2013 Honda CR-V.


Mall of the Emirates:


*  The chance to win first-class airfare and a stay in a five-star accommodation in one of three fashion capitals in the world, New York, London, or Paris.


Deira City Centre:


*  Strawberry Shortcake will be appearing for a “berry” special show from 1 – 7 July.


Mercato and Town Centre Jumeirah:


*  Massive discounts, up 75% off.
*  A myriad of thrilling prizes, including jewelry vouchers worth 10,000 AED, a luxury 5-day cruise around the beautiful Seychelles, and the top prize of a brand new Infiniti JX35.




*  A visit from Mogli at premiere of Jungle Book Circus from 13 – 29 June.
*  A chance to win one of 8 BMWs and several cash prizes.


Dubai is the Place to be!


With deals such as these, it’s easy to see why Dubai, even with the summer heat, is the place to be.  So come join in the fun at Dubai Summer Surprises 2013.


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Championship Golf in Dubai at Jumeirah Golf Estates

Looking For Some Serious Championship Golf in Dubai? Look No Further!


The Jumeirah Golf Estates offers 36 holes of championship golf in Dubai on its two famous courses, Earth and Fire, both designed by the famous Australian golfer, Greg Norman. In November 2009, Jumeirah Golf Estates hosted its first Dubai World Championship.


Choose from Two Famous Courses for Golf in Dubai


Earth – Inspired by the North American and European parkland courses, Earth is now the host of the Dubai World Championship, where 60 of the world’s top players competed for $7.5 million in prize money as 60,000 excited spectators look on.  The rolling fairways and challenging bunkers (make sure you bring your sand wedge as you’ll need it) of this 7675-yard, par-72 course set against an amazing red oche landscape is something for the eye to behold.  Its 651-yard, par-5 hole on the 18th is a beast of a challenge, but Alvaro Quiros eagled it to win the European Tour. This scenic golf course in Dubai is framed with a multitude of trees and shrubs that reflect the natural beauty of this desert city. It is famous for its last four holes, known as the “Norman Mile” that play along or over the creek running through it. The Green Fee for Earth is 595 AED.


Fire – This 7433-yard, par-72 gets its inspiration from the British and Australian Sand-belt courses. With a rustic landscaping, framed by captivating natural flora, Fire has its share of tricky bunkers and 2 lakes that come into play as they challenge you on 3 holes. This popular Dubai golf course is not as easy as it may first appear. In addition, its wispy grass features are not very forgiving of wayward tee shots, and its many of its elevated greens are sloped at an angle that makes it difficult for your shots to hold. The Green Fee for Fire is 495 AED.


In addition to its courses, the Jumeirah Golf Estates houses a high-tech Tour Academy uniquely designed to enhance the performance of its guests. It offers an array of instructional programs from golf clinics and corporate clinics, to ladies group coaching and a junior master-class program.


Buy the Finest Championship Golf Apparel and Equipment


Their clubhouse houses a pro-shop with the finest in championship golf apparel and equipment from Titliest, Callaway and Ping as well as Greg Norman’s signature brand. Its restaurant, overlooking the driving range, lends itself to a casual dining experience that includes an all-day dining menu and a wide selection of draft beers and wine.


So whether you come as a Dubai World Championship spectator, or test your skills at a challenging golf course in Dubai, Jumeirah Golf Estates is worth checking out.


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Transformers: The Company Behind the Dubai Police Cars

So who’s responsible for transforming multi-million dollar luxury sports cars into the head-turning green and white fleet of the Dubai police department? It’s a company in Al Quoz, an industrial area of Dubai, named Sixty-Seven Auto Services.


I doubt they knew what they were getting into when they initially took the contract. What started off as converting cars, such as the Chevy Caprice, into standard issue police cars, has now turned into a work of art that has received world-wide attention.


The decking out of the Dubai police cars in green and white with the Dubai Police crest, and the words “Al Shurtah” (Arabic for police patrol) is not done with paint It is done by a process known as “foiling”, where a vinyl film is applied to the bodywork of the car. This state-of-the-art technology is guaranteed not to fade.


The process begins with an initial cleaning that uses special chemicals to ensure the surface is primed. Then the foil is applied in panels. The cost of the procedure is 20,000 AED ($5500 USD) per car. Once completed, the vehicles are turned over to the department to be fitted for their flashing lights and sirens.


Sixty-Seven Auto Services has Performed their Special Brand of Magic on the Fleet of Dubai Police Cars


*  A Chevy Camaro
*  A BMW 5 Series
*  An AMG Mercedes SLS
*  A Ferrari FF
*  A Bentley Continental GT
*  A Lamborghini Aventador

However, it’s the Aston Martin One-77 Q Series, one of only seven in the world, the company enjoyed decking out the most. The vehicle, which was originally a grey metallic, challenged the team to first foil its entire body in white, before proceeding with the Dubai Police Department’s uniquely coloured green stripes and insignia. The process took four days to complete. All of which was done at the Aston Martin plant. No doubt it must have been stressful as no one wants to botch the job on an 11 million AED ($3 million USD) car.

This car is so exclusive that the manufacturer only allows purchasers to drive it. The UK television programme, Top Gear, managed to get around this with the help of a Dubai owner who allowed them to experience driving this amazing luxury sports car around the city.


But with more coming, who’s to say that the Aston Martin will remain the favourite? There are more on the way, including a Bugatti Veyron. So, Sixty-Seven Auto Services will definitely have their work, or should I say “their art” cut out for them.


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We have Dubai Apartments Near the City’s Metro – The World’s Longest Automated System

Upon visiting Dubai, the kids were excited to experience a ride on the Dubai Metro. With 48 stations on two separate routes, we knew we would get our chance. It came on our second day when we decided to make our way to Karama, on the Red Line route, for a bit of bargain shopping. We were staying in one of the short-term Dubai apartments for rent in Palm Jumeriah, so we took a taxi to the nearest station, which was Dubai Internet City, also known as the TECOM station.


A Clean and Modern Metro


I must admit, I was quite impressed with the Dubai RTA (Roads & Transport Authority) and their system. The station was very modern and clean, as were the trains. And they were easily accessible to those living in the vast number of Dubai apartments nearby.


For someone who has never experienced traveling by any sort of metro system, the place can appear quite daunting, but there are plenty of Dubai RTA personnel around to assist you.


The wait wasn’t long, 5 minutes and we were off. We met up with a friend who suggested we take the Gold class cabin, and I’m glad we did.  The cabin had wide leather seats, carpeting, and great views along the way.  In addition, In addition, the trains provide mobile phone coverage as well as Wi-Fi, so we had no problem using our cell phones and other devices. They also have a cabin just for women and children.


When we arrived in Karama, we had a bit of a walk to the Karama Centre, fortunately it wasn’t too hot, and the walk was reasonable. It would have helped if there were signs directing us to the Centre, but we asked a few people and had no problem finding our way.  And after a day of shopping, I valued those comfortable leather seats in the Gold Class even more.


We still had some money on our cards, so we decided to take the Metro for a portion of our journey to the Green Community to catch up with old friends. I studied the Metro map and determined that the best bet was to take the train down to the Jebel Ali station, at end of the Red Line. From there we could grab a taxi for a straight shot down Jebel Ali Road. Great idea, right? Not really!


What we didn’t know, and nowhere did the Metro have posted that the Jebel Ali stop was for secured personnel only. So when we got off at the station, we were turned away by Dubai RTA security manning the exit. We were told that we would need to go back three stops to the Ibn Battuta station, and catch a cab from there.


Not only did we waste 45 minutes in the confusion, but we ended up paying for three additional stops for three people, both ways, to get back to Ibn Battuta. Not that it was a major loss, but it was one that could have been avoided had the Dubai RTA posted that the Jebel Ali station was not accessible to the public.


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So, if you are staying in one of the many Dubai apartments or villas near the line, and your destination is as well, the Metro is definitely worth it. But I do not recommend trying to use in hopes of reducing the cost of getting to a place they do not service. It’s not worth the headache. Take a taxi instead!

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Fine Jewellery for the iPhone – The Latest in Dubai Trends

Looking for the latest Dubai trends in fine jewellery? Is it Zoughaib Jewelry’s “Shooting Star” series, or the “Serpent” style of Bvlgari? Actually it’s Givori’s new design of the iPhone. “iPhone as fine jewelry?” you ask. And the definitive answer is a resounding YES!


Givori is a company specializing in the creation of “mobile art”. Their selection of smartphones aren’t just mobile devices, they are exquisitely unique pieces of fine jewellery. Handcrafted by international jewellery designers, the Givori line includes such high quality materials as exotic reptilian skins, crystals, French lace, gemstones, and even diamonds.


Dubai Trends for Blackberry


Their past creations have included the “Via Veneto” collection for the Blackberry 9780, wrapped in genuine python skin and metallic foil; the “Victorian” collection, stamped with 18k gold butterflies and a floral print, with the antique styling reminiscent of the Victorian era; the COCO iPhone that mixes jewel-tone tweeds with gold accents; and the “Muriel” collection that combines French black lace with dusty pink Italian leather for a delicate, femme fatale expression of you.


Givori’s personalized monogram line is embellished in Swarovski crystals, coloured in your favourite birthstones. One phone can feature over 3000 crystals, with each crystal impeccably positioned by hand to ensure there are no open gaps.


If you’re more of a rocker type, Givori offers a metallic collection that includes studded gun metal. Or, if you’re a race fan, its Lamborghini yellow Blackberry may be more your speed.


Alligator Skin for your Phone?!


For a more exclusive phone, each year Givori carries its limited-edition phones. In 2012, Givori introduced the Scarlet, mixing 24k brushed gold with alligator skin and a .35 carat ruby stone that serves as the navigation key. Only 50 were available worldwide.  They also heralded the Aurelia, featuring a 24k hand-textured gold finish with alligator skin, and sprinkled with gold dust. A 0.2 diamond serves as its navigation key. Limited to only 55 pieces, the regally chic design of the Aurelia was exclusive to Harvey Nichols in Dubai.


For 2013, Givori has just launched its newest smartphone, the “Charlotte”. This limited-edition, 19k gold iPhone 5, inspired by the English Rose, is dressed in diamonds, gemstones, and the finest grade of alligator skin. It retails for 45,000 AED ($12, 250 USD). You can find this 2013 limited-edition iPhone at Damas Jewellery, Givori’s exclusive partner for the “Charlotte”. A select number will be offered at Givori shops in the Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, and Wafi, before releasing the remainder across the Gulf region.



So hurry now and be one of the 50 throughout the world, to own this discerningly chic piece of fine jewellery.

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Want a Cheap Dubai Holiday, Summer Offers Best Dubai Holiday Packages

Summertime is the best time to travel if you are looking for a cheap Dubai holiday. It is during this time that the best hotel, dining and shopping deals are to be had. The city has even created, Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS), an annual festival designed to attract visitors with shopping promotions, world-class entertainment, and activities for the entire family to enjoy.


Be prepared, however, as your holiday will most likely be spent indoors. Dubai doesn’t allow its desert temperatures to effect them. Instead this city “beats the heat” with its innumerable indoor activities, although waterparks, such as AquaVenture and Wild Wadi are also quite popular.


During DSS, many of the malls and shopping venues offer guests significant savings, in upwards of 70% off. In addition, many of the family entertainment venues provide fantastic, value-added promotions. The following attractions will be offering free entry this season for up to two children (below 12 years of age) for every two adult tickets purchased:


At the Dubai Mall:

*  Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
*  Dubai Ice Rink
*  KidZania
*  SEGA Republic


At Mirdif City Centre:

*  Soccer Circus
*  I Fly Dubai


At Creekside Park:

*  Children’s City
*  Dubai Dolphinarium Dolphin and Seal Show
*  Dubai Dolphinarium Mirror Maze
*  5D Cube Cinema


At Mall of the Emirates:

*  Ski Dubai


Golf Clubs:

*  The Montgomerie
*  Al Badia Golf Club


Other Participating Sites:

*  Meydan IMax Theater
*  Autodrome
*  Wild Wadi Waterpark


In addition, from the 20th of June through the 28th of August, kids can enjoy visiting with Dubai’s popular mascot Modhesh, at Modhesh World, the region’s largest indoor edu-tainment centre. Offering a wide range of games and fun activities, Modhesh World brings fun to the Dubai World Trade Centre.


This year, you may want to consider celebrating Eid in Dubai. With awesome display of fireworks, international concerts, and Dubai holiday packages that are sure to please; this travel destination can add a new dimension to your Eid festivities.


So why not enjoy a cheap Dubai holiday, and experience this amazing city in the summer.


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