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Announcing the Dubai Trolley – Dubai’s Newest Form of Transportation

Announcing the Dubai Trolley – Dubai’s Newest Form of Transportation

San Francisco-style convenience in the heart of Downtown Dubai. Emaar Properties has just announced they will soon be offering a trolley service. This service will span an area of 7 km. connecting passengers to some of Dubai’s greatest attractions and finest addresses.

The new Dubai Tolley will take convenience to a whole new level. With its hop-on, hop-off system, people will be able to reach such destinations as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, The Dubai Fountain, The Address Dubai Mall, Souq Al Bahar, Manzil, The Address Downtown Dubai, and a myriad of restaurants on Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd. with total ease. It will also provide connectivity with the Dubai Metro.

Each trolley will accommodate up to 74 passengers. Powered by electricity and hydrogen makes this an environmentally sustainable and friendly transportation system with practically zero emissions. This type of technology supports the developmental vision set forth by the country.

Although the trolleys are not high-speed by any means, operational travel is 16 km/h, passengers will enjoy the leisurely ride on the double-decker tram from their choice of an open deck or air-conditioned seating. The polished design of bright red with gold trim will allow the units to blend in perfectly with the architectural design and style of Downtown Dubai.

This new form of transportation will be making its debut very soon, and will provide tremendous value to visitors and residents alike. The hop-on, hop-off convenience will make it easier, now more than ever, to get around Dubai’s most prestigious square km. and its many world-famous attractions. Book your accommodations with us at and be one of the first to experience Dubai’s newest form of transportation.

Dubai’s 5 Most Thrilling Attractions

Dubai’s 5 Most Thrilling Attractions

Whether you love a thrill, or you are a pure adrenaline junkie, Dubai is your place.

Listed below is our countdown of Dubai’s 5 Most Thrilling Attractions:
#5: The Burj Khalifa Observatory Deck
Let the high-speed elevators whisk you away to the 124th floor of the world’s tallest building to experience the most amazing views of the Dubai skyline. Even those who do not have a fear of heights may experience a raise in their heart rate from this amazing vantage point.

#4: IFly Dubai
Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of skydiving, but don’t quite have the nerve to take the ultimate leap? IFly Dubai in Mirdiff City Centre is your answer. This indoor skydiving offers you the full free-fall experience from the confines of its vertical wind tunnel.

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity

#3: Jumeirah Sceirah – Wild Wadi Waterpark and Leap of Faith – AquaVenture Waterpark
These two waterslides are considered two of the “coolest” in the world. The Leap of Faith, a near-vertical slide will take you plunging 9 stories down in just one second and through an acrylic tube surrounded by shark-infested waters. The Jumeirah Sceirah rises 33 metres high. Achieving speeds of over 80 km/h, the Jumeirah Sceirah is the tallest and fastest free-falling waterslide outside the United States.
Warning: These Last 2 are for the Pure Adrenaline Junkies

#2: Gravity Zone
Experience the extreme sport of Bungee Jumping from a crane that stands 50 metres high above the ground at Power Play Football Centre. Here you can test your limits with professionals with over 20 years of Bungee Jumping experience. That’s if you have the guts to try.

#1: SkyDive Dubai
For the ultimate in adrenaline rushes, there is SkyDive Dubai, the world’s premiere skydiving venue. Experience a tandem jump with a highly-trained professional from 3050 metres high above the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. Imagine free-falling at a rate of 210 km/h as your heart is pounding through your chest. There is no greater rush. But keep in mind; this is definitely not for the faint of heart.

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Angry Birds Theme Park Coming to Dubai

Since mobile apps were introduced to the market, the Angry Birds phenomenon has raged throughout the world. As one of the most downloaded apps in history, 1.7 billion copies of Angry Bird have been downloaded since it was launched in December 2009. From the original Angry Birds to their newest game, Angry Birds Friends, their popularity only seems to grow.

Now Dubai is looking to bring Angry Birds to the desert, but not through a mobile app. Those are already commonplace amongst Dubai residents. As a matter of fact, the number of downloads of the game from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait combined, equals 1/5 of the total downloaded worldwide. No, Dubai has something much grander in mind, an Angry Birds theme park.

Dubai would be the first in the Middle East to host an Angry Birds theme park.

Possible locations being considered for the park include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Doha. But with an investment company already in place, Dubai is the most likely candidate. A decision and a signed deal are targeted for the end of 2013.

At present, only three other Angry Bird theme parks have been built in the world. They are: Finland, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. A fourth location, which will be an indoor facility, is scheduled to open in Malaysia in May 2014. The park will be 2,400 m² in size.

How big will the new park be? Well, that all depends on how much the city wants to invest in the park. Nigel Cann, Director of Operations and Business Development at Gebal Co., who is the regional representative of Lappset, builder of the Angry Birds theme parks, in the region says parks can range from 6 million AED ($1.65 million USD) all the way up to 60 million AED ($16.5 million USD) depending on the size of the budget.

Knowing Dubai, and its past history of doing projects in a big way, it’s more likely that the budget will be closer to 60 million AED than 6 million. Actually 60 million AED is a rather inexpensive investment as Dubai attractions are concerned. And with what is considered a small investment, the risk is much lower than other brand-named theme parks around the world. So only time will tell who will be awarded this lucky prize.

Other theme parks under consideration in the Middle East are a Michael Jackson theme park in the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi, and a Star Trek theme park in Jordon. check out for your accommodation need.


Be Cool at the Dubai ice rink Dubai mall


With the weather changes in Dubai, you and the kids will be looking for ways to beat the heat and the Dubai Ice Rink Dubai Mall perfect venue. Situated in the center of the Dubai Mall, this Olympic-sized ice rink with its world-class facilities offers entertainment for the entire family.

For 55 AED ($15 USD) you can enjoy two hours of frolicking on the ice with friends or step it up a notch with their dynamic disco sessions. Hosted by an in-house DJ, playing all the top hits, the rink comes to life with the wild techno beats and flashing lights of a popular nightclub, every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Ice skating has never been this engaging and fun.

But I don’t know how to ice skate, you say?

Well, that can easily be remedied. Whether you are sixty or six, the Dubai Ice Rink has the right lesson plan for you. From the basics to learning some fancy footwork, turns, and jumps, the ice rink has professional instructor teaching at five skill levels. Choose the one that’s right for you.

Their Learn-To-Skate program offers group classes (for 10 people) at a cost of 550 AED ($150 USD) for 5 half hour sessions, semi-private classes (for 5 people) for 125 AED ($35 USD), and one-on-one lessons tailored to meet your needs for 155 AED ($42.50SD).

They even have has a program for Moms and Tots available during the first public skating session of each day. Spending quality time together on the ice is an excellent way to bond with the little ones. Penguin Pals are available for kids under 100 cm., offering safety and stability as your child learns develop their skating skills.

But I must warn you, this form of recreation can become addictive, especially for the children. But, again, the rink has you covered with its Mega Skate Sessions. For only 80 AED ($22 USD) you can have unlimited access to the rink on Fridays and Saturdays between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. giving you access to both the public skates and the disco sessions.

Now if you find that even that is not enough to quench your thirst for this cool sport, they now have a new Ice Pass, giving you unlimited time on the ice, all day. What better way can you find to beat the heat. For only 125 AED ($35 USD) which includes a locker. With the Ice Pass, you can skate a bit, shop around the mall then come back for more. (The Ice Pass is available on Sundays through Wednesdays and not on public holidays.)

If you end up being one of the few that find out that ice-skating is not for you, or you’re just not in the mood, the Dubai Ice Rink is a great place to let the children have their fun while you shop. Doesn’t the idea of having two hours free to shop at your leisure, without the kids whining “Mommy, let’s go. I’m bored,” sound wonderful? The rink also provides seating for you to relax while you wait, or you can do as I did. Grab a comfy seat at the nearby chocolate bar, and sip on a warm cup of hot-cocoa as you watch the kids have fun.

Hot-cocoa, you say? In the Dubai summer? Yes, the temperature around the rink makes it cool enough to enjoy that tasty treat any time of year.

So why not check out the world of ice skating at the Dubai Mall? It’s a fun sport for the entire family, or a great way to free yourself from the kids for a few hours while you go do your thing. if you are looking for accommodation near Dubai mall view a list of apartments here

Set Sail for Dubai It is Full Speed Ahead

Set Sail for Dubai It is Full Speed Ahead

Do you like cruising? If so, then add Dubai to your ports of call, and enjoy one of the top tourist destinations in the world.


According to the Cruise Line International Association, more than 13 million passengers cruised in 2008 alone, and the numbers keep rising. Seeing the dollar signs, Dubai has set sail to enter the bullish arena of the 92 billion AED ($25 billion USD) cruise industry. With a goal of 1 billion AED in cruise revenue by 2020, it is currently on course for 840 million AED by the year 2015.

At present, the cruise sector contributes only 5% of the UAE’s Gross Domestic Product (GPD), hosting 105 cruise ships from 21 cruise lines, bringing approximately 408,000 passengers to Dubai. The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) is in talks to bring more players to the region and double that contribution. Plans are underway to open a new cruise terminal by 2014.
Dubai is setting its course with the help of Royal Caribbean, a Miami-based cruise line, with the Brilliance of the Seas. As the region’s largest cruise liner, the $400 million Brilliance of the Seas supports 2,500 guests, touring such destinations as Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, and Muscat. Dubai will serve as its home port.

Costa Cruises, Royal Caribbean’s Italian competitor, also plans to expand its presence in the Gulf Region, with its new ship the Costa Deliziosa.

Along with the focus on the cruise industry, increased attention will be placed on attracting tourists from China, India, and Russia, an ever-growing market for this tourist haven. But one barrier will have to be addressed. At present, Dubai does not offer a cruise visa for passengers wishing to disembark.

For those citizens of the 33 countries the UAE allows to enter without a visa, this is not a problem. But tourists from its emerging markets, countries such as China and Russia where the room for growth is substantial, they must purchase 3 separate visas, costing $240 per visitor. Such requirements are not practical and can easily discourage those tourists from considering cruising to Dubai as an option, if not resolved. But, I’m sure they will soon iron out such wrinkles.

So if you love cruising, add Dubai to ports of call. The only downside is Dubai has too much to offer for such a short stop. However, that can be easily remedied. Consider a Dubai adventure adding a week or two to your trip, and stay in one of our luxury Dubai villas or apartments in Dubai, to get the most of your visit to this magnificent city.

Best Karting in Dubai and Throughout the UAE – Dubai Kartdrome

“One of the best karting tracks I’ve been on. It’s got speed, curves, technique,” one visitor was quoted as saying when asked to describe the Dubai Kartdrome. It’s a prevailing sentiment of many who describe it as the best indoor karting in Dubai and throughout UAE. And kids, as well as adults, love it! So, if you’re looking for something new to do, to beat Dubai’s summer heat, the Kartdrome might just be your answer.


Experience Top Performance Karting in Dubai


Powered by 13.5 hp, 390cc Honda engines, their fleet of karts, manufactured by Sodikart, is most competitive available. They are recognized for their top performance and handling. The karts are also equipped with the latest gadgetry for automated timing and scoring, displaying the number of laps completed, the fastest laps, and the gap between karts, for each driver. The results of each session are then provided to you, so you can compare your performance with the other drivers in your session. You can even have the results emailed to your inbox.



With both outdoor and indoor tracks, the Dubai Kartdrome is bedecked to handle the needs of all who want to experience the excitement of karting in Dubai. The outdoor track is a 1.2 km international standard circuit, and features 17 corners, a tunnel and a bridge, sure to challenge any driver’s skills. This state-of-the-art track is outfitted with CCTV cameras, 24 pit garages, a timing and race control room, and flood lights for drivers to experience the thrill of night-time racing. The outdoor venue also serves as host to the DAMC Karting Championship and the Endurance Challenge 24 Hour races.



The indoor track is housed with a prodigious warehouse structure. The length of the track is 620 metres and it can accommodate up to 20 drivers per session. The indoor track is the venue for kids karting, however, the maximum number of drivers during a kids karting session is 7.


Children can Enjoy Karting in Dubai Too!


With special karts, children from ages of 7 – 12 can enjoy the challenge of driving in the safe and secure setting under expert supervision. No adults are allowed on the track during kid karting sessions. Children’s karting lessons are available. Here, children can learn the fine art of expert karting in Dubai from professionals.


Inside the complex of the Indoor Kartdrome they have also added of layer of fun with a Laserdrome. The Laserdrome is a laser tag facility designed as a medieval castle. It offers 400 m² of excitement. Equipped with a dayglow dungeon, artificial lighting and fog, the facility definitely creates a formidable environment to hunt down your opponent.


Pricing for the Dubai Kartdrome is as follows:


*  Outdoor Track is 110 AED ($30 USD) per 15-minute session.

*  Indoor Track is 100 AED ($27 USD) per 15- minute session.


(There is also a 10 AED ($3 USD) annual registration fee for both tracks.)


*  Laserdrome is 140 AED ($38.50 USD)



So check out for yourself what karting in Dubai is all about. The Dubai Kartdrome does offer special group rates for children’s parties, etc. So I recommend you call for a quote.


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Dubai Autodrome: Experience the Thrill of Formula 1 Driving

Many are aware of the Dubai Autodrome as a facility that hosts a number of regional and international racing events, but did you know that it also offers several different racing options, such as their Formula 1 Experience, to people like you and me?


Now you, too, can get strapped down behind the wheel of a Formula 1 race car and savor the thrill of speeding down a professional track, and past its mighty grandstand with Dubai Autodrome’s F1 Experience. Image the roar of the crowd cheering you on as you pretend that you have just beaten the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.


After being given a full briefing by one of the facility’s professional race instructors, you’ll be set on your course in this 180 BHP single-seater machine to fulfil your racing.


The Dubai Autodrome will Leave you Wanting more!


This Formula 1 experience is the Autodrome’s most popular attraction, with many saying there’s nothing like it. It will leave you wanting more. But F1 is not the only thing this venue has to offer the average Joe.


Next in line for its popularity is the Subaru STI Legend. Harnessed into the racing seat of this World Rally Championship race car, you are in control as you accelerate around corners packed with 315 BHP of power. After your briefing, a professional instructor will join you in your racing adventure.


The Dubai Autodrome also offers two Audi racing adventures, the Audi R8 V10 Supercar, and the Audi TT Experience. In the 518 BHP R8 V10 Audi supercar you will receive training techniques that will give you a better understanding of the circuit configuration and how to best navigate the track. Then you will be sent on your way to enjoy three thrilling laps around the course.


Feel the Thrill of an Audi TT at the Dubai Autodrome


The Audi TT encounter puts you behind the wheel of Audi’s high-performance coupe with its DSG semi-automatic transmission. Here you can focus your attention on steering, braking and accelerating skills with a professional instructor at your side. Your instructor will teach you how to get the most out of your sports car experience.


If you are looking to improve your basic driving skills, you can take their skid control class. Many drivers do not know what to do when it comes to potential life threatening hazards, such as hydroplaning and driving on ice. In the Skid Control class, you can learn how regain control over your vehicle under such circumstances. You never know when that knowledge could save your life.


And, if you’ve got a teenager in the house, what better way for them to learn than with the Driving for Teenagers class, specially designed for 12 – 18 year olds. Here they will to drive in a controlled environment, with a professional at their side teaching them the basics of safe driving.


So check out this little know Dubai gem and experience the thrill of auto racing, whether it’s a F1 or a high-performance sports car, at the Dubai Autodrome, located in the Dubai Motor City.


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Experience the Fastest Rollercoaster at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

The World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park, Ferrari World, Delivers the World’s Fastest Rollercoaster


We arrived at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi revved up to experience the world’s largest indoor theme park and all it has to offer within its 86,000 m² area.  Upon entering the facility, one of the first things I noticed was the massive amount of steel used to create such a place. The more than 20 park rides and attractions fall under its 200,000 m² dome. Only three are exposed to the outside elements, G-Force, Fiorano GT Challenge, and the Formula Rossa, touted as the fastest rollercoaster in the world.


Ticket prices were 235 AED ($65 US) and 195 AED ($54 US) for guests below 1.3 metres, which provides you all day unlimited access to all of the park’s attractions, reasonable as far as theme parks go. However, if you are not prone to waiting in line for rides, you can purchase the Premium Admission ticket for an additional 150 AED ($41 US), which gives you fast track access. We took advantage of the fast track and I must admit I got spoiled cutting to the head of the line, especially on the main attractions. But is it worth the extra 150 AED? Not really, if you go during weekdays (Sun. – Thurs.) as the lines are a tolerable wait. But if you go on the weekends (Fri. & Sat.) then most definitely yes.



As we made our way to the turnstyles we were greeted by a circus-like atmosphere of this indoor theme park with a man on a very tall bicycle, and the Ferrari World’s mascot, the camel, dancing and mingling with the guest.  We were fortunate to catch the sounds of Stomp Band performing center stage in front the G-Force ride. The kids really seemed to enjoy their uniquely coordinated rhythms.


We made our way to the Fiorano GT Challenge for our first ride. Being a rollercoaster enthusiast, I have to say I was slightly disappointed. It was fun, but it felt more like I was in a car race than a rollercoaster.  Of course, the theme of the ride was a car race challenge, so I guess I should I shouldn’t be too critical.


Next we went to the Speed of Magic, a sophisticated simulator ride that takes you on a 4D fun-filled adventure the entire family will enjoy. Then it was off to V12 for a bit of splash as you journey through the heart of a V12 engine. The kids liked the idea of getting wet. Once we got out of V12, it didn’t take long for the kids to beg us to take them to the fastest rollercoaster in the world, Formula Rossa.


Feel the Speed of the World’s Fastest Rollercoaster!


As I mentioned, I love rollercoasters, and this was truly an experience. You immediately accelerate to 240 km/h and experience the force of 4.8 Gs of a Formula 1. You’ll not only get an adrenaline rush, but you’ll also get a complete blow-out for your hair.


One ride I surprisingly enjoyed most of all (especially since I don’t do well with heights) was Viaggio in Italia where you take flight and soar over the beautiful countryside of Italy taking in the sights and sounds of this Italian road rally adventure. The views were spectacular as you really felt as if you were floating over Italy and not on a ride in an amusement park in Abu Dhabi.


But this indoor theme park isn’t just about the rides, Ferrari World offers a bit of something for everyone. From Made in Maranello which takes you on a factory tour, to the Galleria where many Ferraris are on display, including one of the just 400 Ferrari Enzos in the world, we found many parts of the park educational.


We ended our day with a circus show in Red where the theme was wheels. Everyone was on wheels, bicycles, roller blades, and even giant wheels. For a small stage it was jam-packed with entertainment. (My kids loved the mime.)


If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, it is definitely worth taking the hour and 20 minute drive to Abu Dhabi to check out Ferrari world.


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The Dubai Aquarium – A Top Dubai Attraction

Holding the title of “World’s Largest Viewing Panel” by Guinness World of Records, the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is considered the second largest aquarium in the world, with the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta being number one.


The mesmerizing tank of the second biggest aquarium stands 32.88 metres wide by 8.3 metres high in the centre of the Dubai Mall. It is considered to be one of the top Dubai attractions. Its famous acrylic viewing panel is 750 mm thick and weighs 245,614 kg.


There’s Plenty of things to see and do at this Top Dubai Attraction


As I approached this giant 10-million litre fish tank, I was awestruck by its size and the beauty of its azure blue waters reflecting on to the space surrounding it. I could see why it was a popular attraction in Dubai. I watched the people’s faces fill with wonder as they congregated at all three levels around the tank to view its over 33,000 aquatic animals, representing more than 70 species. They include 15 species of sharks and 8 species of rays.


The Dubai Aquarium offers a number of tours, including the Aquarium Tunnel and Underwater Zoo, a glass-bottom boat ride, cage snorkeling, and for the adventurous, a shark dive.


We took the tour through the Aquarium Tunnel which provides you with a 270 degree views. We felt as if we were inside the aquarium itself. We also experienced a guided tour of the Underwater Zoo which we found very educational. With three ecological zones; the Rainforest, the Rocky Shore, and the Living Ocean, we learned about the fascinating creatures, such as the otters, penguins, seahorses, as well as the piranhas, crocodiles, jelly fish, and eels; and their habitats.


The glass-bottom boat ride is a unique thrill for youngsters, with views straight down the 10-million litre tank. It offers a new and different perspective of the ocean world below you.  If you’re looking for a closer encounter, try the Cage Snorkeling Experience. Imagine diving into a tank full of sharks and rays with only your snorkeling gear and a cage to separate you.


If you’re willing to go more extreme, there is “Sharks Alive!”. “Sharks Alive!” is an opportunity to come face to face with some of the ocean’s ultimate predators. The Sand Tiger, Whitetip Reef and Zebra sharks, as well as Motoro Rays, their 10,000 pounds of muscle and 10,000 razor-sharp teeth are waiting just for you. And guess what? You don’t even need to be a professional diver. You don’t even need to know how to swim.


Dubai Aquarium Packages


Packages range from 55 AED ($15 USD) for the Tunnel and Zoo tour, to 110 AED which also includes the glass-bottom boat experience. Diving packages start at 290 AED ($80 USD) for the Cage Snorkeling Experience to 875 AED ($240 USD) for the Learn-To-Dive package. They even offer a specialty dive package for 1875 AED ($514 USD)


So whether you go all out for the epitome in diving, or just want to watch these alluring creatures swim about the tank from the inside of the mall, this Dubai attraction is a must for all to experience.


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SEGA Republic Dubai – A Fun-Filled Indoor Amusement Park

Emaar  Retail has teamed up with Japanese-based company SEGA Corporation, a world leader in high-tech entertainment to deliver an adrenaline-bursting, fun-filled indoor theme park for the whole family to enjoy. With 76,000 sq. feet, filled with 9 action-packed attractions and over 250 cutting-edge games and virtual simulators, SEGA Republic has become one of the popular things to do in Dubai.


Opened in August 2009, as part of the Dubai Mall’s fun-centre, SEGA Republic offers five entertainment zones: the Speed Zone, the Adventure Zone, the Sports Zone, the Cyberpop Zone, and the Redemption Zone.


The Speed Zone is equipped with some of the greatest racing simulators of today’s day and age. Take on the high-speed excitement of bobsled racing with Storm G, or test drive your auto-racing skills with Initial D4 Limited and OutRun2. In the centre of it all is the Sonic Hopper with Sonic, the Hedgehog’s heart racing, 9-metre drop that will leave you breathless.


The Adventure Zone is a true favourite amongst guests. Dr. Eggman’s wild rollercoaster ride, SpinGear, will leave your head twisting and spinning out of control. Experience the dangers of the Amazon jungle when your plane flies out of control in Wild Wing. You’ll definitely want to fasten your seatbelts for that wild ride. Head out to the African jungle in Wild Jungle, SEGA’s 4 x 4 safari adventure where survival is your main objective.  Or, check out Mini Rider 2, a motion simulator that is jam-packed with 4 virtual journeys. If you are looking for a more physical adventure, SEGA Republic also offers the challenge of rock-climbing.


In the Sports Zone you’ll find a simulator for just about every sport imaginable. From bowling to table tennis, football to billiards, they’ve got it. And if you’re really daring, you can hit the slopes in Halfpipe Canyon’s 7-metre virtual snowboard run, for the ultimate thrills in snowboarding.


Gaming geeks will love the Cyberpop Zone with its latest in the high-tech, next-generation gaming.  Confront the evils of the House of the Dead, if you dare.
The fifth zone is the Redemption Zone with the largest selection of redemption games in the Middle East. It is stocked full of games that will earn you points which can be redeemed for SEGA merchandize.
Dubai and SEGA Republic have recently opened a second location for you to enjoy the world of Sonic, the Hedgehog. The GameZone in the Dubai Marina Mall is much like the Dubai Mall’s Redemption Zone with games and prizes galore. It also offers a PlayZone where young toddlers can enjoy a soft, safe, fun place to play.


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